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Dachshund Weathervane


The Dachshund Weathervane

Laser cut in one piece, minimizing welding and making this a unique and desirable product. ONLY high quality sealed ball bearings are used in the windcups to keep them spinning freely with even the slightest breeze. A EWNS (directional) and your choice of mount* (descriptions below).

Made of 14 gauge steel with a 3 step coating process specifically designed for a beautiful and durable finish that will provide years of enjoyment. Design is approx. 11 1/2" X 6 3/4".

1. A zinc chromate plating is applied on the base metal for better adhesion, durability and to help prevent rust.

2. Then a beautiful antique copper powder coat is baked on.

3. Finally, a clear powder coat is then baked on to protect against the UV rays and provides a durable, scratch resistant finish and helps prevent fading.

Manufacturer's one year warranty on the finish and a
lifetime warranty on all workmanship.

Item number -1010401

Made in The USA


Choose Mount Type



* For your convenience, this Dachshund Weathervane comes complete with your choice of garden, post, deck, or rooftop mounting hardware. The Garden Stake is 60" high. The rooftop mount is 15" high and conforms to any roof pitch. The post mount is 15" high and attaches to any vertical surface with a 3" x 3" mounting plate.The Deck Mount is 15" high and attaches to any horizontal surface with a 3" x 3" mounting plate.The gazebo mounts come in either 3 or 4 sided roof types.

Note: Item normally shipped within 48 hours. Because of the size and weight of this item, orders are not available for priority shipment and will be shipped FedEx . Delivery is typically 4-7 days.


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