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Dachshund Wind Chimes


Dachshund Wind chimes

Woof! Dachshund Windchimes

These metal windchimes feature a hand scuptured dachshund with a butterfly resting on the tip of his tail.

With beautiful bone and assorted shaped glass chimes, they are equally at home in the wind or as wall art.

Item number - 1010001


Out Of Stock 



Red Dachshund Windchimes

Beautifully detailed little red dachshund sitting on a round 'stepping-stone' made of hard resin. Bronze colored metal chimes have a harmonious tone and resonance.

Inscription on the hard resin wind catcher reads: Playful, devoted, determined, entertaining, lively.

Size: 5"L x 5.5"W x 29"H

Item number - 1010389


Out Of Stock


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